Friday, April 15, 2016

"Tales of Clockworktropolis": A primer to a Steampunk Adventure Book!

Hello All!

Welcome to the first entry in a journal that will be documenting the progress and development on a book project that has recently come to fruition thanks to the wonders of the internet and a multitude of helping hands.

"Tales of Clockworktropolis: A Coloring and Adventure Book for Airship Enthusiasts of all ages!"

The book was conceived a number of years ago, and thusly sat on the backburner until earlier this year when I launched a kickstarter campaign to fund it. Here is a link to the project:

To hear more about this, you can listen to Episode 205 of the Opinions May Vary Podcast here:

In thirty days, I amassed 176% of my funding goal, and it was quite a great surprise!

The book, originally presented as a 45 page picture book has now expanded into a 55 page picture AND story book with both images and written works surrounding a completely new Steampunk City.

A Brief Primer:
"Clockworktropolis as it is presented in the story, is a City that is roughly four hundred years old. Having sprung from a humble beginning as a settlement town by the base of a mountain, Clockworktropolis has grown and developed into a thriving metropolis and melting pot of science, art, design and industry.

The City received its name from it's reputation as being a complex hub of technological diversity, housing some of the most famous watchmakers, scientists and automaton builders the world has ever seen. The less subtle characteristic of Clockworktropolis is the massive clocktower overlooking both the city and hillsides of town. "Clockwork Tower" acts as not only the major outstanding feature and tourist destination of the city, but also demonstrates the strength of it's spirit and capacity for great things."

Now that there is a more official handle on the concept of the City, there will be more images to share soon!

I'm wrapping up seven digital images that will be sent out to backers in a matter of days, and once they are sent out I will make the images public.

I will also be posting entries documenting the book-making process, which has been very exciting!

I thank you for stopping by and checking things out, and stay tuned as visuals are literally right around the corner.

Take care,


Friday, March 4, 2016

A new venture awaits!

Tally ho, Travellers!

Today I wanted to write a quick update on something that recently occurred quietly last night with the help of several accomplices.

Last Friday I launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover printing and production on my first official independently produced art and coloring book! Here is a peak at the logo for said project: 

I wanted to test the waters first before firing on all cylinders, and the first week was a rousing success with over 80% of the project being funded. This was in no small part thanks to my supportive and dedicated fan base, as well as numerous Steampunk and illustration fans that exist on Kickstarter. 

Here's the link!

This has been a two year long culmination project, and I look forward to getting this out and in front of people. 

I will be updating not only the project page, but also sharing some of my process notes here over the upcoming weeks. That way any artists who want to check out how the book comes into being will be able to see some behind-the-scenes magic!

Not only is this a coloring and art book, but it's also a fleshed out guide of a BK original universe. :) 

I hope you check it out and support it, and I look forward to getting a great project in your hands! 

Back to it, 


Friday, August 28, 2015

Excuse our construction as I construct some excuses:

Hey, all!

As you'll notice, I have taken down all my previous posts since 2012. I intend to begin a new blog and documentation source here, and will be chiseling and chipping away to make this something of solid value, with notes and points for the upcoming few years of production from the Art Mercenary camp.

The last few years have been busy, and enjoyable; My ideas are expanding and I am evolving into a stronger version of what I want to become artistically, and renovating my various online facets are an incremental process to that evolution.

Keep an eye out as I will be adding more artistic quality and goodness your way!

Many thanks and take care,